Talking about new submitted motions – motion 1 about closing eyes for passing each motion
Cat: any reason not to?
Abbi: no can’t think of any – put it in as a motion or shall I just put it into the procedure
All: yeah just put in procedure
AB: will just be put into standing orders
Abbi: I’ll message him explaining the situation
Moving onto second motion – about putting a motion previously passed about alcohol in the conference room into formal writing
Cat: but you’re putting them into standing orders anyway
AB: that’s the issue we’ve had about putting motions into standing orders cos they’ve been fairly non-existent
Cat: I don’t think either of those need to be passed – motions are being put into standing orders anyway
Abbi: ban on alcohol in the conference room – was that a ban or a motion?
Cat and AB: ban I think
Abbi: the ban was more to do with cleaning staff having to clear it up so issue with college rather than JCR
AB: is it JCR or college owned?
Cat: college owns the building and we have the right to use it but if we break things in it it’s breaking something of college’s
Abbi and AB talking about some Collingwood standing orders
Abbi: so shall I email or talk to him at the meeting?
Cat: what do you think?
Abbi: I’ll do both. So first one is to do with Chair’s discretion so that’s why not to put it into a motion – it’s just going to go straight into the standing orders as they’re being rewritten – Chair hopes that by next JCR meeting the detail, the running of motions will have changed and updated to have it put into the standing orders. Motion 2 – doesn’t involve the standing orders – none about rooms – ban was about college staff. Speak to Josh at meeting and send it in writing. Only motion in meeting Krish’s budget proposal
Cat: can I do a motion about the budget being publicised so sports and socs don’t have to keep emailing amy and also transparency us good
Abbi: ~calling Amy Kuner~ request for you – document I just sent you about darts budget – submitted late – can you look and determine if it’s outrageous – if so we’ll delay – if not we’ll do it today
Amy: doesn’t it have to be run through finance comm? Looks okay to me though
Abbi: aren’t you the only one on it at the minute?
Amy: looks okay but only thing is about the £50 net – but looks fine ~phone call over~
Cat: any reason against publishing the budget on the website? Contentious? Will wait for next one
Abbi: lots of elections today – advertising – thanks Cat for advertising on the groups
Cat: I went round the rooms too
Abbi: AB’s had stressful beginning – elections thing not working properly
AB: should be fine now but have to have it start from 8am tomorrow rather than midnight
Abbi: registration at meetings – want to do it better this year. We’re able to dock sports and socs budgets if they don’t have two people at the meeting without an apology or absence. We need to send out warnings after the first time, then after second time we can do stuff. We can’t represent a society? Can exec?
Cat: no
Abbi: thought it was fine last year
AB: can’t see why not
Cat: I just feel it could defeat the point by just having people just choose the exec cos they’ll be there and we want to increase numbers anyway – how about exec can only if they’re on the exec of their sport or society
Abbi: do motion for next meeting. As is you an only represent one society – if you could do the registrations for them
Cat: from next I think Rishi so that free up Harry and also then just easier
Abbi: will talk to Rishi at beginning of meeting. Pizza express pizza – we got 40% off – cheaper than dominos and urban oven – we’re getting 16 or 15 large pizzas in a variety. Harry you’re minuting – also for future ones we’ll get exec to do their what they’ve been up to things. Also social woop
AB: think I’ll just do the elections in the order posted on the group
General chat about some people running for things
Abbi: when do you want the break for the meeting AB?
AB: maybe after method 1
Abbi: list of things – talk to Josh and Rishi. AB needs to print physical copies of the things for people to sign
AB: someone did some precampaigning for a position but it was stopped quickly so don’t think any sanctions should be put in place. Was put into at least frep group chat and one with LJ.
Overall agree it’s fine due to 3 people running for 4 positions and didn’t seem a lot was done
Cat: need to clarify that we don’t need full 10 on campaign teams as been asked by someone who was stressed out about it
Abbi: what did you send out AB?
AB: the method one standing order – in section 9 it talks about campaign teams – but says up to 10 so wouldn’t have thought people would think they need 10. No posting in freshers and not posting in sports. I post in freshers and captains and presidents can post in the sports and socs but must be neutral. Cant make prez’s and captains post
Cat: thought its more the person running can message the exec to advertise it
AB: what would incentivise them if it’s like a new fresher running and exec all third years etc. also might be intimidating.
No full conclusion about it