Tegh Summy

Jess Wilkes

1. Discussion of budget tracking and distribution of reclaim forms

James Cochran
JC: Done well and no issues? We won’t need to do them over the holidays. We’re redoing what sections people have:

Men’s Football to Netball: Amy Kuner
Events: Xenia Kartouna
Admin: Emma Croll
Officer/Welfarel: Lisa Whitehouse
Facilities: Ellie Doubleday
Badminton, Basketball, Big Band, Boat Club, Choir: Rachael Wilkinson
Climbing-Fashion Show: Peter Maxwell
Will give out rest later.
General confusion over what people have to do ensues.

2. Feedback on running of Fi comm
James Cochran
JC: Have you enjoyed it so far and how is it running?
Everyone likes it and thinks it is running well.
JC: We’re changing a lot next year which I will explain later, but it’ll be based off what we have done so far.

2. Building budgets
James Cochran
Xenia Kartouna
Peter Maxwell
JC: I intend to make it so that people can democratically change sections of the budget instead of simply voting against the entire budget. I have circulated my first draft which says what people can change as a motion. What additional things should be in there and what do you think of the priority order?
PM: Newspapers don’t matter. They should go bottom as people in college make use of it with no one else.
JC: Will move it down to below team photos for the bar.
XK: Move the library up to above website.
JC: Seems fair. Others?
XK: Do the people in the committees know that they can have a say?
JC: It will all be explained in the motion in the next meeting. Could be carnage.

4. Brief note on Sage and elections
James Cochran
Xenia Kartouna
JC: I am still working through Sage, and I recommend thinking about running. You do not have to live in any more but I recommend it.
XK: Can you elaborate on the treasurer position?
JC: You run finance committee and run all the accounts, you have a detailed handover from me, and one trustee is a financial expert so you have lots of support available. It’s like your current roles but more.