Agenda for Exec Meeting 05/02/14

1730 Conference Room, House 8

    Apologies and absences
    Minutes from previous meeting; matters arising
    Reports: To be submitted for JCR Meeting
    Elections and Handovers: SC, all
    Team Durham: SC
    Welfare and what is it?: SC
    Representing ourselves: SC
    Open Days and Train Station: RR
    Sports Teams and Training: SC

Gabe provided crisps and dip. Harry was late because he had been to a time management course that overran.

    Apologies and absences

Apologies: None
Absences: Luke Talbot

    Minutes from previous meeting




    Elections and Handovers

Handovers are to take place after exams, don’t let people be keen and start too early

    Team Durham

Unlike the other colleges, we have paid Team Durham match fees, but not pitch fees. This is a result of a lack of student consultation after pitch fees having been increased. Would it be possible for teams not to use the rubbercrumb as it would be cheaper? Teams need to be made more aware of the increase. It could be more of an issue for us as an Independent college, though there is no charge for late payment. Serge is to ask for more subsidies for colleges from Team Durham via PresComm. The general agreement was that we should pay up.

    Welfare and what it is?

Are welfare taking on too much? The University doesn’t want them to support drunks. Are they there to plug a gap left by the University, and if so do they need training? Welfare Comm should find out what is done at each college, so that some uniformity can be brought. Could risk assessments be introduced for Welfare Comm? They need to know their boundaries and have a clear line about not giving advice. The current training only tells them what not to do, rather than what they should do. Even signposting needs a certain amount of training. A description of the roles of welfare needs to be included in the handbook so that incoming Freshers know what to expect.
At the next meeting we will discuss whether exec members (primarily welfare officers but it raises further issues) should be interviewed before husting. Also we need to discuss insurance for volunteers/public liability. Lastly there needs to be a more detailed outline of responsibilities in interviews for welfare committee.

    Representing ourselves

The website is being reviewed by college, and Serge is reviewing their website. The current video is terrible, we should do one as well as the college, though it needs to be done as soon as possible, possibly using the Open Day Reps. ‘Cuth’s Cribs’ show people round the accommodation. Serge will find volunteers for story boarding and filming and will hold a sit-down meeting with the college to review our effort.

    Open Days and Train Station

There was an issue last year of the station not knowing when the Open Days were. We will go to the East Coast Head Office to get them onside, give them plenty of notice. Serge will also raise this with PresComm and college to present a united front. The incoming exec will need to be present at the Open Days but not the current exec.

    Sports Team, Handovers and Training

What should the JCR offer? Training on budgets, how to run a committee, handover days, get them to put stuff on the website, definition of roles (unofficial constitutions/codes of practice). Serge will “Cuth-ise” the DSU’s training day. We will put the content from the budget contracts on the website and review aims at the end of the year.
A cap on the budget for sports and socs will be discussed at the next meeting