Exec Meeting 2019-02-26

Present: Amy Kuner, Michael Power, Elena Martin, Sarah McAllister, Ella Burrows, Gosh Jordon, Lauren McNally, James Cochran, Emma Croll, Ell Page, Masha Markova


Apologies: Jade Bryant

Setting: AB is on the floor as he was late


Minutes from the last meeting – everyone might have read them
Ella did email CIS but they didn’t get back to her
Re the study room
Gosh: I think the donations for the conference room should be in line with the music room
James: I think this should be higher because Greg did the music room off his own back which was nice but this is selling the name of a room
Ella: We could do it for a lump sum and name it after them for 10 years, but does mean we could update it. If it was monthly people could have changes in their circumstances
Gosh: Elizabeth is quite keen to get women involved for the 50th anniversary – but that is a group you could try and approach
Amy: We could find an inspirational woman and stick her name on it and then get other women to donate to the actual room
Ella: Could we get those who donated to have little art soc portraits painted of them
No numbers have been landed on for this money wise
ACTION POINT: Amy to talk to Elizabeth about whether we could work with a big 50 years of women event.
ACTION POINT: Everyone think about whether Beyoncé is inspirational enough
ACTION POINT: AB to circulate how much is in the reserves
James wrote all 3 motions – legend
Samrat now has Summer Ball Manager on his plan

Training AK

Amy: I would like you to tell me there was any training that made you feel better at your role. We’ve got some mental health first aid training now from Meg Haskins. Role specific
Elena: Unconscious bias for everyone who is going to pick people for committees
Ella: That was run in the summer term which is important for those on year abroads
Masha: There was a health and safety one which was a little common sense but the uni has lots of regulations to follow
Sarah: The SU reps just advertised one about media and how to reach people and the stats behind it which is important for comms
AB: Cash handling training- the bar might do this. The bar supervisors have to do this training so we might be able to jump in with them
Emma: For chair, conflict resolution was better or maybe also something to help the chair write governing documents because I had no clue
Gosh: Something about chairing meetings
Elena: Not minuting training

New building focus group AK

Amy: Please remember to not be negative. It’s going to go in Brooks courtyard because we need more space. Elizabeth wants it to be a multi-use space.
Michael: POI about Collingwood- the gym person didn’t have a budget for the gym at all!!!
Everyone is in awe
Amy: Anyway, the capacity would only be 100, I want it to be a gym. But we want this focus group to be people who would be from lots of different backgrounds. We don’t want people to mention the pool table because that didn’t go well. We just want to talk about what goes in the new building.
Emma: I want to make a suggestion, for the focus group we should start by talking about the actual space, and then second go on to how it will impact the JCR etc
Sarah: I’d agree with that
Gosh: The focus group should also ask people about physical building work
All agreed
Amy: Who do we want to be present in the meeting?
Pool, Fem soc, PGs, boat club, an exec member, Ania as assistant librarian, choir, Drama, Christian Union, People who live in parsons, Gym manager, some just open applications – just random people

Next exec meeting AK

Amy: This is currently scheduled for after the next JCR meeting due to a change of date. Can we change this to the 10th?
We will change it provisionally but then if we don’t have enough to say in it we will change it back to it’s original date or cancel it.

Ripped Off Society SM

Sarah: People want a Ripped Off society and how far it should support things like rent strikes. What do people think?
AB: have Aidan’s done their rent strike?
Emma: Supporting a political group isn’t allowed
Ell: If they do rent strikes off their own back it should be fine
Elena: I would love a ripped off society
Masha: Why a society?
Sarah: It’s just what other people have found works really well in other colleges
Gosh: If we were to have a soc and put parameters on their formation, how would we manage that?
Ell: Could we not put a clause in the standing orders that say they are doing it off their own back and not with support from the JCR
James: We could say we don’t condone illegal behaviour but that’s probably not enough
Amy: I don’t really know how Aidan’s are doing it
Gosh: They have the advantage of being DSO
James: I didn’t think I’d ever hear those words
Sarah: I think the society will happen either way
Amy: Aidan’s are not certain on doing rent strikes, it’s more about trying to get a group together for campaigning
Elena: I think it’s better for us to be part of the conversation. Plus it is quite a small, passionate group that are pro the strikes
AB: Could we have it as an SU campaign team similar to welfare?
Sarah: We want a society because Communications already has too much in it and I don’t think it will get done
AB: Could it be like welfare campaign managers? Who you just oversaw?
Ell: Can we make a ripped off position?
Emma: But they’d need a committee?
Amy: I think it should be more than one position in the JCR- we should have an SU campaign manager and then they can work with a ripped off society
Gosh: Would it be safer to push them back to the SU, rather than all colleges to have a little group. Could they have a Cuth’s rep within a bigger Ripped Off group?
Ell: That’s how DUCK works and it goes quite well
ACTION POINT: Amy to suggest this to the SU
Ella: I think people care more about their colleges, a ripped off society would feel more grass roots
Michael: I like Gosh’s idea because we can just treat them as a normal society, but it doesn’t come back to us if something goes wrong. They can still be at sports and socs fairs even if they aren’t technically a JCR society
James: We could just not ratify them but support them starting up
Ella: They might want to be ratified to legitimise them
Michael: It’s like poker soc, we are being pretty rational, we should just say this in the meeting
James: The trustees can overturn anything that happens in a meeting so if this got passed but was dodge then they could shut it down
Emma: Having a campaign person to be on your committee is good because they can make it clear to the ripped off group what it is and that it isn’t okay from a JCR perspective and feed back if their aims change
Amy: I think we will be associated so they should be ratified so we have some element of control if things go wrong
Gosh: That’s why we should give it to the SU
Michael: I’m against a ratified society, Cuth’s people can do whatever they want. We aren’t there to monitor their every mood
Emma: They want to be a society though, so if they want that then we can give them our terms
AB: It’s going to be very difficult to suppress this group of people, so the best solution is to install controls on it, have it as a committee and have lots of method 3 to make sure people don’t have extreme views like rent strikes
Elena: People will still want rent strikes and we shouldn’t stop them because their opinions are valid
Gosh: Should we just have a way of having a mailing list to see who we are dealing with
Michael: Suggested action point, to have a meeting between with the people who would head it up to make sure we are all the same page?
Amy: We need to discuss it but more urgent is deciding if they should be ratified. Do we want them ratified?  For 7/12, against 2/12, abstentions, 3/12. If you disagree then please feel free to disagree with it at the meeting. In conclusion we support the soc being started, it can be ratified but we don’t support rent strikes


Sports and Socs order
Emma: The JCR sports and socs award, what is it? Is it still a thing? Does it still get used?
James: Is this the one for coaching? Yes. So if someone wants to do a course to help their soc or society they can get it
Emma: Is this still in the budget?
Amy: When I made the proposal budgets for FCO I got rid of it as nobody had used it for years, but I could add it in again as I need to create a new proposal budget for the trustees next week.
Emma: In the order it says that you can receive up to £200 or 60% of the training cost, but it’s not clear which is the cap. I will edit it so that people know it’s the smaller value
Michael: If no one is going for it then couldn’t we put it in the participation fund which people go for and people could use it for that
Amy: The participation fund was really popular this year and we should budget more for it in the future
Emma: It says there are 4 awards for active members?
James: Active members used to be defined in the orders. That means people who are actively taking part in the society
ACTION POINT: Emma to edit this
Emma: We mentioned once, the terms at which a sport and socs can stop existing – it got brought up that every s&s that wants to exist the next year needs to submit a budget even if it’s of zero
Michael: I don’t think that’s the best way. I was happy with the system I proposed
Emma: You’ve said one that has less than 10 members and the S&S chair says it’s not got quantifiable benefit to the JCR would cease to exist but I think the zero budget would sort this
Michael: There is also a third thing that stops them existing
James: We used to have a ratification form which people had to do, and having that could stop having to do the bureaucracy of a £0 budget
Amy: We took that out to take away the extra stage
AB: I think James system is better because I’m not meant to be the one with list of S&Ss, Michael should, I should only be dealing with the ones who want money
Michael: I agree, we don’t need more motions etc
Josh: To do with the 10 members- I think it should be possible for people to declare that their soc doesn’t exist anymore
Emma: Would ratification solve all this?
James: It would be better than  a zero budget
AB: We should have people submit an exec member as a part of their ratification then they can exist
Amy: One issue about that was that people just hadn’t elected them yet
Josh: On that basis could we have a continuation of the current exec being able to put on the form until it changes
All agreed that that would be a good part of the ratification form
Emma: Do you think we should enforce secretaries in s&s?
James: I already wrote that out
AB: There are some smaller S&s where the president is the treasurer
James: I also wrote that out, treasurer should only be necessary if they handle money, and president should be unnecessary as long as someone takes responsibility for the society, which could also be the treasurer.
James: About disbanding societies; there should also be a process to announce at a JCR meeting that a S&S has disbanded
Gosh: Are we going to offer the chance to pick up the society then/ within a certain amount of time
ACTION POINT: Michael to draft a procedure to that

Position holders
Gosh: Have people been keeping up with whether people on their committees attend JCR meetings?
Elena: Lots of people have been pretty good with sending apologies
Emma: But we need a register- I made one and none of you use it
Masha: Why I don’t clamp down too much is because my whole committee would be vonced
Emma: Your committee is one of the most contested, so VONC them if they don’t turn up

Michael: Are we still enforcing it for sports and soc? What are we going to do?
Amy: Dock their budget.
Michael: I am not comfortable with that
Amy: All they need to do is send apologies

Emma: I would be willing to be more lenient with people signing in for more than one society because at least then there is representation

All agreed that we are over complicating this and it’s quite doable with a little bit of organisation