Exec Meeting 13.00 30.11.14 Conference Room


  1. Apologies & Absences




  1. Ball Surplus (RR)

£200-300 surplus

Should probably go to the general JCR pot

Rich wants to keep it for social comm – that’s fine

AP: Rich will survey


  1. Team Cuth’s (JC) – January Launch

A facebook page with captains as admins

Can post results and request support

Cover photos of sports

Wants a separate page for non-competing societies

Would like some stash themes designed for next year (not Player Layer)

A Team Cuth’s notice board in the bar

Get the mascot along to more matches

Have a mascot manager

Team Cuth’s will be written on our fixtures on Team Durham page

Matching content and league table on the website

AP: Harriet to amend James’ JCR meeting report


  1. Give it a Go with the Union (TH)

Give it a go but hosting societies within college

Cuth’s is a bit lacking in space – not good for active societies

Things aimed at Cuth’s students

Want to try and link all the colleges

Sign up to it but say our space is limited

Maybe use the racecourse


  1. Online Ticket Sales (RR)

Cost £1500 in fees to various websites (equiv. of the fairground ride)

Look into other options for the Feast

Will anyone else require online ticket sales?

If we have it we’ll use it more

Can do it for free but you won’t pay through the website, you just reserve a ticket and have to pay separately

Paying in person will be less convenient but not £1500 less convenient

Alternatives – ballot

Can intentionally pick proportions of first, second and third years.

Probably not an option for Cuth’s day – we sell too many tickets

Currently paying monthly costs to ticketing sites – need to work out what we want so we can cancel subscriptions to the others

Do ticket collection and payment a few weeks before events


  1. Admin Part 1: Reports (HR)

Keep it concise – say what you did, are doing and will do

Use titles not names

Bullet points are fine

Make them readable and accessible

If you haven’t done that much that’s okay, don’t fill


  1. Social Media Manager (RR)

Want a cohesive presence

Confusing as there are multiple accounts

College pages, freshers groups, twitter, snapchat

Extend the role of Vice President and if it’s too much work create a separate role

Encourage teams etc to tweet at us and we’ll retweet


  1. Advertisement Video (RR)

Currently a college one but it’s terrible

The college can’t produce a new one as they have to go through the Uni marketing which is expensive

If we want a new video we’ll need to produce one ourselves – it can’t be embedded on the Cuth’s university website, it can be linked though (can also be on cuths.com)

Need to put pressure on college to get one done, contributions from the JCR to make it not shit.

Difficult to produce one ourselves, no one in charge of it with the skills

Alternatively produce one ourselves – MDM, actually pay him

  • If we go down the JCR produced route we can fill it with fun stuff based on the JCR

Want the information to be relevant for prospective students – doesn’t necessarily matter to them the difference between College and JCR

  • what needs to be shown? Social events, sports & socs etc vs rooms, facilities etc (arguably the latter could be a web page rather than a video)


  1. Any Other Business


  1. Chair Training

Useful as lots of us chair committees

Before christmas or soon after


  1. Team Durham

Teams need to sign it at MC reception and show health declarations, some aren’t

– suggestion that they might start to fine teams

– get teams to keep their own records which can be cross checked

Men’s hockey are one of the culprits – Rich heartfully disagrees


  1. Silent Disco

It has become known that we have a good silent disco service and it’s making us plenty of money

Currently under the remit of the president and takes up a lot of time

Look at a restructuring of the green machine (tech comm), have some assistants, one of whom could be responsible for silent disco kit

Don’t necessarily need a committee, just need some assistants

Change the name to Tech Manager/Tech Room


  1. Dining Hall

Booking it is becoming more of a problem

Clashes with dinner times

For now, check multiple times and check particularly with Dawn, catering manager

– don’t put any events on before about 7.45

– be overly cautious that you have the booking


AP: Who’s Who in College & the Union (Millie)

– family tree