Exec Meeting  26.10.14 Conference Room


  1. Apologies & Absences

Apologies: Toni Heijbroek, Harry Lewendon-Evans,  Alex Leighton



  1. Matters arising


  1. Fresh (RR)

Made a surplus of about £1500

Do a refreshers thing

– 3 nights in a row, inflatables and day zorbs of something

– first week of next term

– open to all, publicise to freshers (came from their wristband money)

– exams and deadlines first week back

– thursday, friday, saturday (zorb on sat day)


  1. Buying staging (MF)


  1. Postgrad JCR Fees (HL-E)

Just whether we can have any safeguards in place to make sure that pgs don’t end up paying more than ugs on the same length of course. That said, perhaps what should be determined first is exactly how many pgs are jcr fee paying members. That could give us a better idea how many any hypothetical increases would actually affect.

I imagine till there next load of jcr fees are charged, it might be hard to have a reasonable sense of who is in that position


  1. Newsletter (JC)


  1. First Aid (JC)


  1. College Festival of Sport (JC)


  1. Any Other Business