Finance Committee


Finance Committee has several purposes:

  • to assist the Treasurer in his or her duties, upon his or her request;
  • to ensure financial motions submitted to JCR Meetings are reasonable and legitimate;
  • to oversee the use of JCR assets by the Excutive and Library Committees as well as the Senior Clubs and Societies.

In order to do this, the committee meets before each JCR meeting to discuss motions, evaluate reports and examine accounts.  This year individual members will be able to take on more responsibility, for example specific members will help with VAT returns, while others will keep track of spending by sports and societies or on activities and help to prepare the reports given by the treasurer.  This should enable the members of finance committee to gain greater experience of financial matters.


  • Finance Committee consists of the following people:
  • President of the Society
  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer
  • Nine Finance Committee members

How Can I get Involved?

The nine Finance Committee members are elected at the final General Meeting of Easter Term (up to 4 members) and the first General Meeting of the Michaelmas Term (all remaining positions). Freshers, running for one of these positions is a great way to start getting involved in the JCR and Cuths life!

What will I get from it?

Even if you have no prior financial experience, you’ll soon have the skills to evaluate financial motions and to make informed contributions to meetings.  You will also learn how to submit an online VAT return and bookkeeping skills as well as how to budget for the JCR (when you can do that, trying to budget for day to day life is easy!).  Don’t be shy to speak up if you think something is wrong or could be done better!  Finance Committee is one of the most important committees as if too much money gets spent, or good records aren’t kept (as boring as that might sound), the rest of the JCR won’t function.  This is a great launchpad to get to know the workings of the JCR, as you’ll get to learn about all of the sports and societies as well as having an input into any development plans or facilities improvements.